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We cover all aspects of maintenance which includes:
Blocked drains/toilets, with the assistance of my drain clearing division we will not only unblock your drain but we have CCTV technology to go down the drain to investigate the cause of the blockage in order torepair so there is no repeat blockage in this part of your drain again. Eg: roots in drains, cracked & crushed drain pipes, excess toilet paper etc.
Leaks, which can include indoor and outdoor water leaks, roof leaks, gas leaks, hot water cylinder leaks and internal drain leaks. We have a leek detecting division who has the latest technology/machinery to pin point water leaks deep under concrete & in walls in order for us to cause minimum damage to your property to repair.

No job is too big, too small or too difficult for Category 5 Plumbing & Gas




With my experience in renovations the biggest problem people run into is budget blow outs & why this happens is because what people want and what can be done can be a difference of thousands of dollars. That is why we at Category 5 Plumbing & Gas wish to meet you on site to discuss your plans & ideas. By simply doing this we can save you thousands of dollars.
What I mean by this is the more things you move around your bathroom/kitchen eg. Moving the sink/toilet from one side of the room to the other the more work and materials are required & will cost you. Try to keep the shower where the shower is etc. We can also give you some great ideas to consider as I am sure you will understand by us doing this every day we see all the latest designs/mod cons.
We will talk you through hot water systems pros and cons to see how they will suit you & your budget now and in the future.



new-buildsNEW BUILDS

I have done some amazing multi million dollar houses over the years and I really enjoy doing them, 90% of your ideas are talked about with the architects & builders but it is important to talk to us too in relation to all aspects of your plumbing & gas requirements, eg: choices of Hot water systems from solar to electric and gas – what will work for you and you be happy with for years to come, what really can be done around your BBQ area with water & gas, and something as simple as where do you want your hose taps positioned.




A lot of people have such a fear of having gas in their house but we are here to assure you that gas is awesome, from heating your house to digital hot water, to beautiful flame effect fires or just simply a BBQ, the options with gas are endless.
Gas is safe as long as it is installed to the code and by a qualified person, you should never have a problem.Category 5 Plumbing & Gas does by no means take short cuts with gas – we do it right every time.
Gas is great!


commercial-plumbingCOMMERCIAL/SHOP FITTING

Are you moving into new business premises? Are you starting a new café or are you a large franchise? Category 5 Plumbing & Gas can help you, we can talk you through what can and cant be done on this property in order to meet all the stringent health & plumbing rules you would have to meet as a business.
We cover gas fitting, core holes, concrete cutting & removal, commercial kitchens and many more.
Just call us!